Applied Analysis and Differential Equations: Iasi, Romania, by Ovidiu Carja, Ioan I. Vrabie PDF

By Ovidiu Carja, Ioan I. Vrabie

ISBN-10: 9812705945

ISBN-13: 9789812705945

This quantity includes refereed study articles written by way of specialists within the box of utilized research, differential equations and similar subject matters. famous major mathematicians around the world and favourite younger scientists conceal a various variety of themes, together with the main interesting fresh advancements. A huge diversity of themes of modern curiosity are taken care of: life, forte, viability, asymptotic balance, viscosity suggestions, controllability and numerical research for ODE, PDE and stochastic equations. The scope of the publication is extensive, starting from natural arithmetic to numerous utilized fields reminiscent of classical mechanics, biomedicine, and inhabitants dynamics

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1. c. subsolution of ∂t u+H(x, u, Du) = f (x, t) in IRN ×]0, T [, resp. c. supersolution of ∂t v + H(x, v, Dv) = g(x, t) in IRN ×]0, T [ where f, g ∈ BU C(IRN × [0, T ]). We assume that (2), (3), (5) hold (with γR ∈ IR not necessarily positive), lim (u(x, t)−u(x, 0))+ = lim (v(x, t)−v(x, 0))− = 0, t 0 t 0 uniformly for x∈IRN , (12) (here (·)± denotes the positive/negative part a± = max(±a, 0), ∀ a ∈ IR) and u(·, 0) ∈ BU C(IRN ) or v(·, 0) ∈ BU C(IRN ). (13) January 8, 2007 18:38 24 WSPC - Proceedings Trim Size: 9in x 6in icaade M.

See Ref. 4. 2. Let (un )n be a bounded sequence in X such that lim β({un ; n ≥ k } ) = 0. k Then {un ; n ∈ N } is relatively compact. For details, see Ref. 5. 2. A function ω : R+ → R+ which is continuous, nondecreasing and the only solution of the Cauchy problem x (t) = ω(x(t)) x(0) = 0. is x ≡ 0 is called a uniqueness function. 2. If ω : R+ → R+ is a uniqueness function, then, for each k > 0, kω is a uniqueness function too. 3. Let ω : R+ → R+ be a uniqueness function and let (γk )k be strictly decreasing to 0.

Burlic˘ a & D. Ro¸su respect to (u, v), if, for each (τ, ξ, η) ∈ K, there exist ρ > 0, a continuous function l : R+ → R+ and a uniqueness function ω : R+ → R+ , such that βX×Y (SA (t)F (C), SB (t)G(C)) ≤ l(t)ω(βX×Y (ΠX×Y C)) for each t > 0 and each C ⊆ DR×X×Y ((τ, ξ, η), ρ) ∩ K. 5. Assume that X and Y are Banach spaces and (H1 ) is satisfied. Let K ⊆ R×X ×Y be a locally closed set and let (F, G) : K → X ×Y be continuous. Let us assume that (A + F, B + G) is locally of β-compact type with respect the second argument.

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Applied Analysis and Differential Equations: Iasi, Romania, 4-9 September 2006 by Ovidiu Carja, Ioan I. Vrabie

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