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Content material: Simulating liquid water close to mineral surfaces : present tools and boundaries / David J. Mulla -- habit of water at the floor of kaolin minerals / R. F. Giese Jr. and P. M. Costanzo -- Reactions on the oxide-solution interface : chemical and electrostatic versions / John C. Westall -- floor potential-pH features within the concept of the oxide-electrolyte interface / Luc Bousse and J.

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34 Handbook of Emergency Response to T o x i c Chemical Releases Facility Name and Location Enter the name of your facility (plant site name or appropriate facility designation), street address, city, county, state, zip code, and TRI Facility Identificationnumber (if appropriate), in the space provided. Do not use a post office box number as the address. The address provided should be the location where the chemicals are manufactured, processed, or otherwise used. If you have submitted a Form R for previous reporting years.

Number) for each such location if known to you. This number may be found on the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest, which is required by RCRA regulations. Also indlcate in the space provided whether the location is owned or controlled by yourfacilityoryour parentcompany. D. number, enter not applicable, NA, in this space. If yourfacilitytransfentoxicchemicalsto morethan six off-site locations, use additional copies of Part II. 8). 2as it appears in Table II,pages 40-48, for the chemical being reported.

Benzoic acid, however, is not a listedchemical and thus does not trigger reporting requirements. - You do not have to factor into threshold or release determlnations quantities of a listed toxic chemical contained In an article when that article is processedor used at your facility. An article is defined as a manufactured item that is formed to a specific shape or design during manufacture, that has end-usefunctions dependent in whole or in part upon its shape or design during end-use, and that does not release a toxic chemical under normal conditions of the processing or use of that item at the facility.

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Androgene and anabolic agents by Vida J

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